Huh? What is PE Wicker? Find out here.  - Great Deal Furniture

Huh? What is PE Wicker? Find out about that here. – Great Deal Furniture

There are more than a few choices when buying outdoor furniture these days. If, however, you are in the market for wicker style furniture, you should take a look at outdoor sets made with PE Wicker. Compared to other types of synthetic wicker, it is more environmentally friendly and provides quality and better value over the lifetime of the product.
Polyethylene wicker (or PE wicker) is made from a mixture of fibers from palm trees. Although this limits the amount of color options available to just earth tones, it makes all the pieces look much more natural. PE wicker blends have natural UV protection as a by-product of using palm tree fibers. These fibers help reduce wear and tear over its years of use, giving PE much more durability. They also help prolong the brightness and color in the furniture. You also won’t find PE wicker pieces having a plastic look to them the way lesser quality wickers will over time.
When buying your outdoor furniture, take a look at PE wicker pieces before you make your selection. If you’re looking for outdoor furniture that provides quality for years in the sun, these higher quality wicket sets really pay off in the long run. With most things in life, you get what you pay for, so don’t be fooled by a lesser quality outdoor furniture.

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