1800mattress.com sale delayed – Final decision will be made very soon

A U.S. Bankruptcy Court judge in New York has delayed his final ruling on the sale of 1800mattress.com to Sleepy’s.

Judge Dennis Milton announced the delay on May 28, saying at the time that he expected to issue a ruling in early June.

Mattress retailer Sleepy’s has bid $25 million for 1800mattress.com, a multichannel retailer that sells mattresses online, through a call center and in brick–and–mortar stores. 1800mattress.com, based in Long Island City, N.Y., declared bankruptcy in March. Sleepy’s, a privately owned company headquartered in Bethpage, N.Y., operates 700 stores in 11 states.

After the bidding process, Milton heard arguments for and against the sale to Sleepy’s. Consolidated Group, a 1800mattress.com franchisee based in Windsor, Conn., has been most vocal in its opposition to a sale to Sleepy’s, saying Sleepy’s intends to put Consolidated out of business. The company has filed an $11.4 million damage claim against the retailer.


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